Why you need a home survey

Buying a property might just be the most expensive purchase that you ever make and surveying should be carried out to the highest possible standard.

A survey on your house is basically a ‘property health-check’ that will give you an independent view of the properties current conditions and indicates any potential problems the property may have going forward. The decisions you make based on your survey will affect you for years to come. Let’s look at some of the ways that a surveyor will save you money and time when buying a property.

Protect against long-term damage

Living with damp, leaks, woodworm, asbestos, bad electrics, broken central heating or any other imaginable fault can make life frustrating and complicated. A survey offers you some protection from this kind of occurrence. If there are any issues, you can be made aware of them going into the purchase than finding out afterward.

Lower the asking price

A chartered surveyor will find any faults in your prospective property during the buying process which gives you the chance to get an estimated cost for repairs and negotiate down the asking price.

Insurance Policy

If any problems were come to light after you have purchased your home, and they were missed by the surveyor, you could be in line to receive compensation. This is handy for any new homeowner.

Avoid unexpected costs

Having to sacrifice plans for new furniture, white goods, or flooring to have to pay for unplanned repairs or renovations to the structure of your property would be a very bad scenario. This is very common but can be so easily avoided by getting a proper survey completed.

A full and independent overview

To fully understand what you are buying, a survey is necessary. It gives you an independent view of the value of the property without sentimentality. This will assure you of your decision and can also give you a roadmap of what you need to attend to.

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