What are buyers really looking for?

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Knowing what buyers are looking for will bring you one step closer to selling your home. It’s the perfect time to put your property on the market however, to sell your house quickly and for the best price, sellers need to cater to buyers needs.


Access to good parking is always a popular one amongst homebuyers. Parking provides convenience for buyers but also lowers the insurance premiums for their car. If you don’t have parking, don’t worry! Research what options are available for potential buyers. 

Energy Efficiency

Smart buyers will be keen to know how efficient your home is so they are aware of the environmental impact of using excessive fuel but also can work out the financial cost of the energy. Find out what your homes energy rating is and compare it to other homes that are similar to yours.

Outdoor Space

Outdoor space has become very important for homebuyers recently. The pandemic has left people wanting bigger gardens and to live closer to green spaces. If you have a garden, try to maximise its appeal with garden furniture, plants and other features. 

Country & Suburban Living

Buyers have been looking to live somewhere quieter and more rural. When listing your property, highlight it’s outdoor credentials. 

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